“Appealing, nutritious menus that help pupils understand the importance of eating healthily”

All our catering is cooked on-site by CH&CO who have been providing catering for Independent School pupils for over 20 years and have been granted the Royal Warrant for their provision of catering services to HM The Queen. Their focus isn’t school food, it’s great food that captures the imagination!

The menus are created through sustainable, ethical and local procurement which is endorsed by the Sustainable Restaurant Association who have awarded them a 3 Gold Star rating.

The food itself is implicitly and intrinsically nutritious and is all about a communal eating experience that promotes health, happiness and wellbeing. They focus on how diet impacts academic and physical performance, and how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings. Eating correctly can improve a child’s results by a whole grade – that is how important food in school is!


Pupils are given a set time to report to the dining room, varying from day to day. Notice is provided to pupils in their form room. Pupils are requested not to queue any earlier than 5 minutes ahead of time.

Tuck Shop (Senior School only)

The Tuck Shop is located in the Dining Hall and is open each day between 11:10 and 11:30 for the sale of drinks and light, healthy refreshments.


Our menu changes every term to give pupils more variety in their diets. Our latest menu is below: