Independent Schools Inspectorate Reports

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) has now published the report from the school’s recent Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI). The report judged us to be fully compliant with no further action required.

The RCI is a new style of inspection focused on assessing the plans, procedures and processes used by schools to underpin their approach to both teaching and learning and the pastoral care of pupils.

Inspectors looked at the quality of education provided, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, the welfare and health and safety of pupils, the suitability of staff, premises and accommodation, information provided, how complaints are handled and the quality of leadership and management.

They also assessed the school’s framework for attainment, the progress and results of our pupils, our curriculum, our schemes of work and resources along with our policies and processes for keeping children safe.

Unlike the Education Quality Inspection (EQI) this inspection has a simple pass or fail outcome with strict criteria to be met. We are very pleased to be able to say that the school met the rigorous standards in every single area.

Judgements such as ‘outstanding’ and ‘excellent’ are not an option for a RCI inspection report, with ‘good’ the highest descriptor able to be given.

This assessment places us in a very strong position moving forward. We anticipate that our next inspection, an Education Quality Inspection (EQI), will take place in three years’ time. This will give Hulme Hall Grammar School the opportunity to be judged on the level of excellence with which we educate and support our pupils.

A key feature of the inspection process was the parental survey, which was full of positive comments and enthusiastic feedback to the inspection team. A 93% “approval rating” from parents is exceptionally high and we are immensely pleased with the level of support for the school from those that know us best.