Relocating to the UK

Hulme Hall Grammar School welcomes pupils of all nationalities and celebrates diversity, and we are delighted to give our overseas parents and children the opportunity to explore Hulme Hall Grammar School via a virtual visit. Your child would be in an English language school and enjoy the benefits of an independent school education.

We do not sponsor study visas for pupils at this time so if they do not possess a British, British National Overseas (BNO) or Irish passport, we would need to see evidence of your child’s Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom in the application process.

During the virtual visit with us, prospective parents and pupils will have a private meeting with the Headmaster, Mr Grierson and our Admissions manager who will explain the process in full. Our Virtual Tour is also available to view at any time on our website so you can get a feel for the school and have a look round in your own time. 

Additional virtual appointments can be arranged if needed with the Senior Leadership Team. We can accommodate virtual calls on the following platforms: WeChat, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Manager, Mrs D Cooke or call the school on 0161 485 3524.

If you would like to arrange a virtual visit to Hulme Hall, please fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

As part of the admissions process, a Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) will be arranged. This is a diagnostic assessment that is designed to help students and their teachers understand how they learn and what their academic potential might be. It assesses how students think in areas that are known to make a difference to learning. Because this assessment is not reliant on knowledge of the English language it is ideal for assessing pupils with English is an additional language.

International Agencies

Hulme Hall has experience of working with International Agencies and welcomes enquiries from them on the following email address: admissions@hulmehallschool.org