Exam Results

Hulme Hall Grammar School is a non-selective school, therefore, our examination results will depend on the ability profile of the cohort.


Our English and Mathematics results are well above the national average with 75% of the cohort achieving a pass in English (National average 62%), whilst almost 80% achieved a grade 4 or above in Mathematics (National average 60%). Six boys also achieved success in the AQA Further Mathematics Level 2 Certificate which stretches pupils beyond the scope of the normal GCSE specification.

Our Modern Foreign Languages departments repeated their outstanding successes of last year by gaining a 100% pass rate for the second successive year alongside some excellent individual grades, including the top grade 9 from Yashni. We are delighted that over 40% of all MFL grades were equivalent to the old A grade or better (i.e. 7 or above).

Geography and Food Preparation & Nutrition also recorded 100% pass rates for the second successive year and were joined by several other departments including Psychology, Photography and Art & Design in reaching this milestone. The Physics department also enjoyed success with over 50% of Physics candidates gaining a grade 7 or higher.

There are also a number of students who deserve a special mention including, Jamie, Joe, Hamzah, Elias, Amar, Yashni and Amelia who all achieved passes in at least 9 subjects with several of them accomplishing at least 4 grades at 7 or above. Elias was particularly successful attaining 5 grade 8s among his 9 passes. Finally, well done also to our Head Boy, Joe, who studied Music outside of the normal timetable to gain an incredible 10 GCSE passes.

This is another successful year for Hulme Hall and we, as a school, are so proud to see our pupils fulfilling, and in many cases exceeding, their potential.

Subject Results (percentage of pupils achieving a 4 or above)

  • English/Literature 75%
  • Mathematics 79.2%
  • Combined Science 71.4% 
  • Biology 77.8%
  • Chemistry 77.8%
  • Physics 77.8%
  • Art & Design 100%
  • 3D Design 67%
  • Computer Science 62.5%
  • Drama 66.7%
  • French 100%
  • Geography 100%
  • History 60%
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition 100%
  • Music 60%
  • Photography 100%
  • Psychology: 100%
  • Spanish 100%



Percentage of pupils achieving 4+ (Standard C) in both English and Mathematics = 91%

This represents the percentage of students that gained the equivalent of the old C Grade in both English and Mathematics.

Percentage of pupils who achieved 4+ in more than 5 subjects including English and Mathematics : 87%

We are obviously delighted with the results, which are a testament to the hard work ethic of both colleagues and students, and not least the support of our parents/carers and wider community.

Many students achieved outstanding personal results, a great reflection of their abilities and the support of those teachers that have nurtured them during their time at Hulme Hall Grammar School.

If you would like more information regarding admissions, please email secretary@hulmehallschool.org.


Subject Results (percentage of pupils achieving a 4+ or above)

  • English/Literature: 97%
  • Mathematics: 91%
  • Combined Science 70%
  • Biology: 100%
  • Chemistry: 100%
  • Physics: 86%
  • Art: 100%
  • Computer Science: 60%
  • Drama: 86%
  • French: 100%
  • Geography: 100%
  • History: 77%
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition: 100%
  • Music: 100%
  • Photography: 100%
  • Psychology: 70%
  • PE: 86%
  • Spanish: 100%
  • ITQ: 100%