2021/22 Academic Year

It is our policy to keep fees to a minimum whilst maintaining the School’s standards and facilities. They are normally reviewed annually at Easter, with any change coming into effect from September. Parents normally receive a term’s notice of any change. The fees from September 2021 are:

Senior School

Base Tuition Fees – £10,800 per annum (£3,600 per term)

Single Enrichment Support – £1,410 per year (£470 per term)

Double Enrichment Support – £2,115 per year (£705 per term)

Fee Protection Scheme (Optional) – £150 per year (£50 per term)

School Meals (Optional – £690 per year (£230 per term)


If you require any further information relating to fees or ways to pay, please contact the Finance Office at bursar@hulmehallschool.org.