2023/24 Academic Year

Fees are reviewed for each academic year at the discretion of the Governors, who may increase them to reflect the increase in the costs of operating the School. Parents are given as much notice as possible of any increases.

The Governing Body announced on the 12 April 2023 that the headline fees and charges for the academic year commencing September 2023 are as follows:

Senior School

Tuition Fees – £12,960 per annum (£4,320 per term)

Single Enrichment Support – £1,530 per year (£510 per term)

Double Enrichment Support – £2,295 per year (£765 per term)

Fee Protection Scheme (Optional) – £180 per year (£60 per term)

School Meals (Optional) – £810 per year (£270 per term)

1.The fees for public examinations and Personal Accident Insurance are included within the tuition fees.
2.The cost of Curriculum Enrichment Days and the annual compulsory Food and Nutrition Practical chargeare included within the tuition fees.
3.Any extra-curricular activities such as private music lessons, trips, and visits, in which you agree yourchild may participate, will also be charged in addition to fees and may be added to the termly fee invoices.
4.The Fees Refund Scheme will refund the fees you have already paid if your child cannot be in schoolbecause they are ill, injured or have been in contact with an infectious disease, provided your applicationfor a refund satisfies certain conditions. Please contact the Finance Office for further details.

Payment of Fees

Fees for the academic year may be paid as follows:
(a)Three instalments by Direct Debit taken on 1st September 2023, 1st January 2024, and 1st May 2024.
(b)Twelve monthly instalments by Direct Debit taken on 1st or 15th of each month commencing September2023.
(c)Termly in advance by cheque, credit / debit card over the telephone or by transfer direct into our bank payable on the first day of term.
(d)Annually payable on the first date of the Autumn Term.

In order to advise on how you wish to pay your fees for the 2023-24 academic year please could you either complete the online form (click here) or complete the enclosed form and return to the Finance Office (bursar@hulmehallschool.org) by 26th May 2023.

Please note that if you are currently paying for a pupil on Direct Debit you do not need to complete another mandate as we will automatically update it unless advised otherwise. If you do not already pay by Direct Debit and wish to do so you need complete and return the enclosed Direct Debit mandate.

Important Notes

1) If you wish to remove your child from the school, you must under the terms of your agreement with the school give written notice of your intention to remove the child. Written notice must reach the school not later than the 1st day of the term at the end of which the removal is to take effect. If you fail to give a clear term’s notice as set out above, you will have to pay fees for the next full term even though your child may not be enjoying the facilities provided by the school.

2) If a termly account is not paid by the first day of that term, or if any payment under a direct debit is not made on the due date, the school may at its discretion refuse entry to the child for that term (or for the remainder of the term as appropriate) and under your agreement with the school you will be deemed to have withdrawn your child without proper notice so that the fees for the term following that during which the child last attends school will become due.

3) If fees are not paid in the manner and on the dates required by the terms set out above, the parent will become liable for an interest charge of 2 per cent per month on the amount of fees outstanding. In addition, the School may recharge to you costs associated with the follow up of unpaid fees. These costs may include, but are not limited to, letters, postage, time spent by the Finance team, external costs of Debt Collection organisations and legal costs.

4) In the event of a revision in teachers’ salaries or a similar rise in costs, the Governors reserve the right to increase fees by up to 10% without notice, or to introduce a more substantial revision of fees at short notice, though where circumstances permit, a full term’s notice will be given.

5) A Parent who has signed the Acceptance Form jointly with the other Parent of the same Pupil may only withdraw from this Contract with the School by providing a Term’s Notice and the written consent of the other Parent. An agreement between the Parents and a third party (for example, a grandparent or trust) to pay Tuition Fees or any other Fees payable to the School will not release the Parents from responsibility and liability for the relevant Fees if the third party fails to make the relevant payment.

If you have any queries or require further information in relation to these Fee Regulations please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Office where a member of the team will answer any questions you may have.

If you would like a PDF version of the Fees please click below


If you require any further information relating to fees or ways to pay, please contact the Finance Office at bursar@hulmehallschool.org.