Remote Learning with Hulme Hall Grammar School

As we move into this unprecedented period of remote learning, we thought it may be helpful to add some useful links and information with regards to educating from home. We want to support you with your learning and indeed your wellbeing.

Firstly, a reminder of how we are currently setting and receiving work:

Setting of work

Work is being set daily on the Show My Homework (SMHW) app according to the normal school timetable for that day and should last for the one-hour lesson, with any homework exercises added according to the homework timetable. Homework is really only designed to be reinforcement exercises at this stage, so parents can exercise discretion as to which homework exercises should be completed.

Submission of work

Work can be submitted to the teacher in one of two ways, depending on the nature of the work set. Please follow the instructions of the teacher as to how they wish for the work to be submitted. It may be via the SMHW app, alternatively it may be emailed to the member of staff via students’ office 365 accounts. If a hard copy of work is completed on paper, take a photograph and send it to the teacher as an attachment. Staff will record on the SMHW app when work has been submitted, so parents can keep track of when work is completed.

Marking / Return of work

Clearly this depends on the nature of the work set and the subject involved. Some work may be self-assessed by pupils, perhaps using mark schemes or model answers, or feedback may be given via the SMHW app or email. It may, of course, be necessary to return some work when we return to school after the site closure, especially when more detailed feedback is required.

Availability to answer queries from parents and pupils

Teachers will be available to answer queries and questions from pupils and parents throughout the normal school day via email or the SMHW app. Form tutors, members of the pastoral team and the Senior Leadership Team will also be available via email.

I would urge pupils and parents to contact us if pupils are experiencing problems with a particular piece of work or organising themselves generally. It may not be possible to complete every piece of work for every subject, so please seek help and advice from your teachers if you are not sure what to do.


It is equally important that you continue to do some form of physical exercise to help with your physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst you are now limited to leaving the house once a day, there are many videos and daily online classes that are free so make sure you utilise some of these.

Pastoral Support

Please email your Form Tutor or Mrs Conway during this period if you feel that you need pastoral support. We recognise that it is a difficult time and are keen to be there for you. Staff are available via email Monday to Friday during school hours.

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We have been putting together a gallery with pictures of your remote learning. Please keep sending them to so that we can all keep in touch and see what you are getting up to.

Teacher Tips

Some of our teachers wanted to share their top tips for succeeding in their subjects while learning at home:

Other Helpful Links

Here’s a collection of other helpful links we’ve discovered to help you make the most of your time learning from home.

We’ll keep updating with new links so keep checking back.

ShowMyHomework Support

DK Stay Home

Healthy Eating

Our catering company, CH&CO have developed some healthy recipes for you to try at home that have been designed to help maintain a good level of energy, enhance concentration as well as balance mood and stress for all. Give it a try and you could be the Hulme Hall Home Chef of the Week!

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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”From The Kitchen! week 2″]

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”From the kitchen week 3 -Supermarket swaps”]

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”From The Kitchen! week 5″]

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”From The Kitchen week 9″]


Action for

The Importance of MotivationPDF Download

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Emotional Wellbeing flyer”]

Keeping Fit

P.E. with Joe

Fitness Boot Camp with Mr

Time to Relax

Sometimes we all need to relax so we’ve also been collecting a list of some fun activities you can do from home,