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Easter Break letter Letter to parents 27-3-20 Letter to Year 11 parents 27.3.20 School site closure update 23 March School Site Closure 19 March Letter to parents 27-3-20 Letter to parents 27-3-20 Letter to Year 11 parents 27.3.20 S90 French Trip – Letter 1 S81 GCSE Sicence Revision Guides S82 GCSE Maths Revision Guides S83 Judo Letter S84 Y7 Parents Evening Letter S85 Y8 Exam Timetable Letter S86 Barcelona Trip Meeting S89 Y11 Curriculum Enrichment Day Letter Year 8 Exam Timetable March 2020 S78 KS3 CE Day – Magna Science Adventure Centre S73 Food & Nutrition Practical Exam Letter S74 Attendance Letter (JS) S75 Y10 CE Day Letter S76 Y110 Parents Evening Letter S77 Y9 Exams Letter S72 Y11 Prom Leter S71 Y8 Quarry Bank Mill Trip S68 Manchester Science & Technology Challenge Day S69 Year 9 Parent’s Evening Letter S66 Careers Evening Letter Ys 10 & 11 S67 Y9 Curriculum Careers Evening Letter S59 Barcelona Trip Final Payment Request S60 SMHW Launch Letter S61 ISA North Cross Country S63 GCSE Photography Letter S64 GCSE ART 3D Letter S65 Wuthering Heights Royal Exchange Trip S56 Year 8 Parent’s Evening Letter S57 NEA2 Food Technical Skills Practicals S51 Festive Jumper Letter J07 JLC Jack and the Beanstalk Trip J08 JLC Trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters S35 Christmas in the Park & Celebration Harmony Choir Letter S46 Barcelona Trip 2nd Instalment Request S47 Parentpay invite from ML S48 JLC, Ys7-9 Christmas in the Park & Celebration Harmony Choir Letter S49 Judo Letter S50 Maths Revision Guides S26 Photography Club Letter S30 Presentation Evening Letter S33 Non Uniform Day Letter S22 Comic Book Video Games Club Letter S03 English Set Text Study Guides S04 Maths After School Drop In Sessions S05 Maths Funcitonal Skills Letter S06 Treasure Island Drama Trip Letter S07 GCSE History Revision Sessions S08 GCSE History Revision Guides S09 GCSE Art Equipment S10 GCSE Art Sketchbooks S12 Judo Letter S13 Food & Nutrition Annual Charge S16 Geography Revision Books S19 GCSE Photography Equipment Letter S20 GCSE Art Catch Up Sessions Y10 GCSE Preparation Evening Y11 GCSE Preparation Evening French Trip Letter Food and Nutrition Practical Exam Letter DofE Expedition Feb 19 Y7 Examinations Letter GCSE History Revision Guides D of E Training Day Spring Concert Ticket Request Y11 Prom Letter Y8 Exams Letter London Trip Itinerary Level 1 Sports Leaders Letter Use of Publicity S32 Y11 Careers Education Information Guidance & Advice S46 Charity Letter S49 NEA2 Food TEchnical Skills Practicals Letter S54 Basketball Club – JLC S55 Football Club Letter Ys 7-11 S56 Basketball Club – Years 7-11 S57 Trampoling Club Letter S61 Art Letter – GCSE Information S63 ISA XC 2019 S64 Judo Letter S65 Y11 GCSE Science Revision Sessions S66 Y11 GCSE Maths Revision Sessions S67 Halle Orchestra Bridgewater Hall S68 Y11 GCSE Exams Letter S70 Y9 Exams Letter (2) S71 Y9 Curriculum & Careers Evening Letter (PB) (2) S73 Curriculum & Careers Evevning Letter – Ys 9-11 (JS) S74 Y10 Parents Evening S28 Presentation Evening Choir Letter S25 Presentation Evening Letter S26 Ski Trip Final Payment Request S29 Y9 Vaccine letter S27 English Set Text Study Guides S21 Science Revision Guides S31 GCSE History Revision Guides S30 GCSE History Revision Sessions S12 Wizard of Oz Letter S13 GCSE PE Shirts S16 Art Letter – A3 Sketchbooks S20 D of E Information Evening S02 Trampolining Letter S03 Football Club Letter Y7-9 S04 Football Club Letter Y10-11 S05 Football Club Letter – JLC S07 Food & Nutrition Annual Charge Letter S08 GCSE Preparation Evening S09 GCSE Art Equipment Letter S11 Maths Functional Skills Letter S12 Wizard of Oz Letter S01 HPV Vaccine – Y8 Girls Only Sports Day and End of Term BBQ MFL Revision Guides J20 JLC Lyme Park Trip S128 CE Day Chester Zoo – JLC S129 CE Day Chester Zoo S130 CE Day Blackpool Pleasure Beach S131 CE Day Blackpool Sandcastle S132 History Revision Guides S136 Y10 College Taster Days S137 Summer Production Letter S138 Summer Production Reply & Booking Slip JLC – Information for New Academic Year School Warning – June 2018 S136 Y10 College Taster Days S128 CE Day Chester Zoo – JLC S129 CE Day Chester Zoo S130 CE Day Blackpool Pleasure Beach S131 CE Day Blackpool Sandcastle S116 Y11 Study Leave S117 Y11 Leavers Guide to Exam period S120 Geography Field Trip Castleton S121 GCSE History Revision Session S122 Y10 Science Challenge at SGS Letter S123 Trampolining Letter S124 Y7 MMU Birley Trip S127 ISA U15 Rounders Tournment Letter from the Headteacher – April 2018 S112 English Language Revision Session S111 Y7 Parents’ Evening Letter J14 Stockley Farm Trip Letter 2018 J15 JLC Parents’ Consultation Afternoon S103 PE Exam Moderation S104 Year 8 Examination Week S105 Ski Trip Second Instalment Payment Request S108 Judo Letter S109 Easter Uniform LetterInformation for New Academic Year S92 English Extra-Curricular Study – Y10 &11 CE Day S95 KS3 Lacrosse Letter S96 Agenda London Trip S98 Sponsored Walk & Charity Information & CE Day S99 Charity Information & KS4 Non Uniform Letter S100 Spring Concert Ticket Request S101 Y10 Curriculum Enrichment Letter S102 Y11 Curriculum Enrichment Letter J12 Reddish Vale Farm Letter S91 Frankenstein Theatre Ticket S85 Y9 Curriculum & Careers Eve Letter Jan 18 S82 Curriculum Careers Evening S83 Pupil Personal Safety Letter S80 Ski Trip Letter – Initial Invitation S75 History Revision Guide Letter S76 Bridgewater Hall Halle S77 KS3 Cricket Club S78 Trampolining Club Letter S79 Year 11 Leaver’s Prom Extra Curricular Sport Activities Spring 2018 Pre-School Newsletter January 2018 S73 Revised London Trip Letter S74 Pastoral letter from K Conway