Committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum

Hulme Hall Grammar School is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum which will enable pupils not only to achieve high academic standards but also to enjoy learning for its own sake and develop the skills and understanding needed to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

We offer a broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated and inclusive curriculum to all pupils. At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 the curriculum conforms to the National Curriculum programmes of study and all other statutory requirements. There are clear and diverse pathways through from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.

As pupils enter Key Stage 4 we aim to provide a personalised curriculum for them as appropriate. We engage pupils and parents in decisions regarding their option choices and provide Curriculum Evenings and Parents’ Evenings to ensure parents and pupils have a thorough understanding of the curriculum we offer. All students are entitled to examination entry in their chosen subjects and pupils are regularly tested and monitored in order to apply for access arrangements.

The curriculum offered at Key Stage 4 ensures that there are clear progression routes to enable students to continue their post-16 education and to prepare them for higher education and/or the world of work.