I was delighted this morning to be invited to the HHGS Key Stage 3 Achievement Assembly in the School Theatre. I and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team must thank Mrs Conway, Mrs Edwards and the Year 7, 8 & 9 Form Tutors for organising such an inspirational start to the week and fitting end to our half term.
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It was fantastic to see so many KS3 pupils come onto the stage to celebrate their achievements and receive a multitude of certificates, rewards and prizes.
Firstly, we celebrated outstanding Pupil Progress Records for February 2017 and recognised all the hard-working pupils who received a report full of A & B grades for effort. These pupils will all have a praise letter posted home this week and received a ‘tuck shop treat’ slip which they can exchange for goodies in the canteen.
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Our Numeracy Ninja mathematicians received their ‘Black Belt Status’ certificates in recognition of outstanding progress and skill in maths lessons.
Linguists who clocked up over 50,000 and 100,000 points on Memrise were awarded French and Spanish Modern Foreign Language academic progress certificates.
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7AB were awarded a whole Form Class ‘Well Done’ certificate to proudly display in their Form Room for continued excellent and sensible attitudes in PE / Gymnastics this half term.
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I was amazed at the incredible number of Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils who were honoured for being ‘ Conscientious Professors. ‘ Certificates were given to those pupils who are ‘squeaky clean!!’ Who have never had an amber or red warning or a detention this half term. It is so important for schools to recognise the enormous contribution that each individual brings to our community. These pupils constantly strive for excellence in everything, coupled together with a fantastic, positive, organised and willing attitude. What more can we ask for of our pupils?
And finally…..drum roll please….we had the ‘Stars Draw’ to conclude our assembly! All the subject stars earned by each pupil, were placed into their Form Class Star Bag ready for the prize draw. Two winners from each bag were drawn out to receive Mrs Conway’s special Key Stage Manager’s Prizes.
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Phew! I was exhausted by all the clapping and hand shaking but left feeling very proud of so many well deserving pupils receiving so much recognition. Thank you KS3 staff and pupils, I was excited to be part of your celebrations and like many of you, I left the theatre with a huge smile on my face.
Mrs Smith, Assistant Headteacher