All members of our Junior Learning Centre, participated a wonderful Sports Day which centred around the Olympic Motto – “Faster! Higher! Stronger!”

A motto that was proposed by Pierre de Coubertin upon the creation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894.

As part of their cross-curricular research for this year’s Rio Olympics in Brazil, each child dressed up representing a country of their choice.

Geography skills helped them to locate their country on the world map. In Art and Design, they made flags of their countries and even an Olympic torch!

Historical knowledge about the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games was shared at the traditional Opening Ceremony “Parade of Nations”. The Vangelis score, Chariots of Fire welcomed our Olympians to the arena to commence the competition!

Every child participated at their own level as each task had differentiated goals depending on age – it was a truly inclusive affair! Before the athletes began to show off their best skills, honed and practised in P.E. lessons, the JLC pupils reminded our spectators that it was not the winning but the taking part that was important!

“Faster” skills were demonstrated in a Mini Marathon with the pupils choosing 1 lap (200m) or 2 laps (400m).

“Higher” skills allowed the athletes to show a variety of jumping activities over obstacles of varying heights.

“Stronger” skills tested the athletes’ throwing ability to throw a ball over age appropriate targets.

An end of Games team relay race had the crowds cheering on our competitors and was an exciting end to our busy morning!

In true Olympic style, there was a closing medal ceremony where all our JLC members received a gold medal in recognition of all their hard work and effort throughout the Games.

Well done everyone!