We were very excited to take four pupils from the JLC to The University of Manchester to experience a full day of Computer Science through the theme of Minecraft.

The day began with an introduction into the subject through witnessing real life robots interacting with the environment. The first session enabled the pupils to use text based code (Python) to program their own Raspberry Pi’s to manipulate their Minecraft environment. The second session was even more interactive through the use of Oculus Rift to experience virtual reality at the extremes. The pupils worked in pairs and whilst one created their Minecraft world, the other saw this in first person view as if they were in there.  The final session saw the pupils on their own laptops but interacting on the same Minecraft world. They had to work together and problem solve in teams even though they were on their own machines.

This was a brilliant opportunity for young pupils to engage hands on with Computer Science and see the benefits of studying the subject through an interactive and engaging day.