Our Year 7’s and their teachers recently had a morning out to walk up the Peak District’s most fascinating hill – Mam Tor. Steeped in history dating back to the Bronze Age, the hill is also an amazing example of geology and it is still possible to see it shaping itself today. The walk promised an amazing mix of natural history combined with vast and beautiful panoramic views into the heart of the Peak District. The Year 7’s began their walk from the main Castleton car park once they had finished their ice cream – a compulsory purchase when visiting the area. The extra energy gained was immediately put to good use as they charged up the hill before pausing for some lunch half way up. (in order for the teachers to catch their breath). Fully recharged we got to the top to be blown around by the strong winds whilst admiring the views before completing our walk back down the other side to be met by the coach where our teachers could relax and pupils could sleep off the exertions of the day.