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The Enrichment Centre

All pupils are assessed on entry to ensure that their learning experience at Hulme Hall Grammar School meets all their needs and enables them to fulfil their potential.

With a team of 18 staff, the Enrichment Centre provides support to both pupils and staff throughout the entire School.

The Centre is open to all pupils with the support and timetable tailored to individual needs. We are highly experienced in working with pupils with Dyslexia, Developmental Coordination Difficulties, Dyscalculia and those on the Autistic Spectrum. We are equally skilled at supporting pupils who just need that little bit of extra support in order to reach their full potential.

The Centre prides itself on providing a warm and friendly environment, with the advantage of mature experienced staff coupled with the youthful and invigorating energy of graduates considering teaching.

The Centre runs several clubs which currently include a daily Home Work Club, Darts twice a week, Board Games twice a week, a Sketch Club and Crochet Club plus individual counselling and Social Group Therapy.

“The provision for those pupils identified as having learning difficulties is outstanding.” ISI Report 2011.

For the Gifted and Talented

This initiative champions the needs and expectations of the School’s gifted and talented pupils. It is the best way of ensuring that an individual is being challenged to achieve their full potential. Through the introduction of the developmental programme, teachers target-set every child and monitor progress regularly. By doing so, underperformance can be identified and addressed while exceptional performances are acknowledged and rewarded.

The talented pupils in the school have an incentive to shine, not only through academic success but creatively and through sport. Individual successes are celebrated at Hulme Hall, where every child matters.

Every child throughout the school feels valued and included and can realise the kind of progress which increases self esteem.