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Each child in the senior division is placed in a form with which he or she is registered twice daily by the Form Teacher.
Children from year 3 to 6 are allocated a House and remain in that house until they leave school at 16.
House competitions and merits promote a healthy competitive spirit.

House captains are elected by secret ballot to be Head of Dunham, Tatton and Lyme Houses. Prefects are also chosen to assist with duties around school. Librarians are trained by the Library Service to run the school Library.

In Year 7 and 8, most subjects are taught in form groups.

Form Tutors

The Form Tutors are responsible to the relevant Head of Year who monitor progress and behaviour of all pupils in the year group.

The major pastoral responsibility is undertaken by the Form Tutors together with the relevant Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher (Pupil progress).

Hulme Hall Grammar School was judged as demonstrating ‘Outstanding Pastoral Care’ in the ISI inspection report in 2014.

The Senior Department School Council

The School Council provides a forum in which the views of pupils may be heard on a very diverse range of issues that are of concern to them in school. Each form elects a representative who normally serves for one term. Likewise the staff elect a representative for one term. The Headteacher is the only permanent member of the Council.

Whilst the School Council is not a decision-making body, it does provide pupils with valuable experience regarding the etiquette of meetings and an opportunity to develop their communication skills. Minutes of each meeting are taken and representatives are required to ‘report back’ to their peers.

The staff are always impressed by the mature approach and valuable contribution that pupil representatives bring to the Council Meetings. The School Council played a very important role in the formulation of the ‘Anti-Bullying Policy’.