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Core Subjects

Mathematics in Mind

Mathematics is taught in a progressive department which comprises dedicated staff with a wealth of experience. Every child studies this core subject throughout the school and becomes familiar with key aspects of the Mathematics syllabus such as using and applying mathematics, number, algebra, shapes, space & measures and data handling. Every child will leave the school with an appreciation of how Mathematics works in a practical sense in the wider world.

English Endeavours

Pupils always produce excellent results in English at Hulme Hall. This is due to the combination of exciting study material and dynamic teaching. A broad range of genres are covered, featuring poetry old and new, classic novels and Shakespearian plays. The creative child will be encouraged to develop a love of the written and spoken word which will be apparent in their own writing. This broad, balanced curriculum will provide the building blocks for examination skills, study and success. Having access to a well stocked library also makes the accessing of reading material and research material an enjoyable pastime.

Simply Science

The three principle areas of Science: Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught independently in the school by subject specialists. Practical work and demonstration experiments are introduced to provide maximum impact and understanding. This “hands-on” approach makes the acquisition of basic skills a natural process and furthers the pupils’ appreciation of “How Science Works”