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Hulme Hall Pre-School aims to give your child the best start in life. Your son or daughter can expect to find a friendly, caring atmosphere in our Pre-School.

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EYFS Handbook 2017-2018.

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Early Years Foundation Stage_Parents_Guide
How can I help my child at home with maths?


Eyfs 6We offer the kind of environment which ensures that your child feels valued and secure, whilst at the same time, receiving an education whichEyfs 4 will be the foundation of years of productive learning.

Early Years learning is fun and the colourful room is a place of cheerful endeavours, whilst Kindergarten is for children who are ready to take that next step to a more structured day.

In our Pre-School:

  • We provide a broad and stimulating educational environment which encourages each child to fulfil their potential and become life-long learners.
  • We value each child for what they can achieve academically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • We encourage independence, responsibility and consideration for others.
  • We provide a stable, sensitive and welcoming atmosphere in which our children feel happy and secure.
  • We develop an effective three-way partnership between children, parents and school.

Ongoing assessments and observations make sure that every child is fulfilling his or her potential. In Early Years, children are encouraged to explore, develop and use their curiosity and imagination to help them make sense of the world. In Kindergarten the children are introduced to early Literacy and Numeracy as a matter of course.

Eyfs 1Activities are provided to extend vocabulary and develop the use of more complex sentence structures. Communications skills are developed whilst interacting with their peers and during role play.

Children are introduced to letter sounds by using Jolly Phonics, a scheme which teaches sounds and targets multi-sensory learning styles in an enjoyable way. Bright and cheerful displays enliven the teaching environment and stimulate creativity.

Children are given opportunities to experiment freely and express their imagination through many types of creative media. The ‘hands on’ approach targets the more kinaesthetic learners.


Even going to the theatre can be arranged in-house, with a theatre seating around 400 only a matter of metres away. Winter and end of year productions ensure that every child who wants to Eyfs 3take part in a production is given the opportunity. What could be better than experiencing the pleasure and pride which comes from seeing your child costume clad or singing their heart out in a well organised production.

SessionsEyfs 2

We offer a choice of sessions for children. Whatever your commitments, every effort is made to provide the flexibility needed to accommodate wishes of busy, caring parents. Whether a morning or afternoon session is required, wrap around care offers the option of a 7.30am start, after hours care until 6.00pm and holiday provision. You can be assured that your child is in good hands.


Hungry children are well catered for in the school dining room; home cooked food is the order of the day.  Dedicated catering staff ensure that there is a broad menu and that every child is presented with a well-balanced diet which is nutritious and fun to eat.

The Learning Environment

The structured life of the school offers the children a high degree of stability and stimulus. It provided a friendly and supportive environment where children can build confidence and self-esteem through interaction between their peers and the adult teaching team.

Children learn about the importance of sharing and caring for each other.

Appropriate provisions are made to meet the specific needs of every child at every level. Only when children are given time and space to grow will they blossom. Small family groups encompassing the ‘Key Person System’ help equip the children with knowledge and skills they can take with Eyfs 5them on their lifelong journey of learning.

Seamless Transition to School

Being part of a bigger school ensures a seamless transition from Pre-School to their chosen school and beyond. This progression gives children an insight into the rigours of more academic study and personal success. Likewise, taking part in whole school activities helps develop that sense of ownership and partnership which will stand young people in good stead as they start to grow.

Specialist teachers are on hand to teach French, Music, Footytotz and Dance.

Good friends and good behaviour go hand in hand in our Pre-School. A respect for each other is promoted as a matter of course.

Our children are happy, secure and confident, with a love of life and learning!

For further information, please download the EYFS handbook here.

Mrs Khinda
Head of Hulme Hall Pre-School



“Children are well prepared for the next stage of their learning. They are enthusiastic learners and respond positively to the adults who care for them.”

“They arrive happily at the setting and settle quickly due to their secure personal and emotional development. They behave well and feel safe.”

“Supportive, caring adults continually motivate the children.”

“The sensitivity of the key persons forms the basis of warm, caring relationships between staff, children and their families, and helps children to settle quickly.”