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Senior Letters

You can find all the letters from the Senior school on this page:

Important information for candidates:

Information for candidates – CA 1718
Information for candidates – NEA 1718
Information for candidates – Privacy Notice
Information for candidates – social media 1718
Information for candidates – written exams
Information for candidates – CSWK 1718

HHGS Calendar for 2017 2018 – UPDATED 15/12/2017
Free Judo Club Taster Session Flyer[2708]
S28 Exam Letter (Mrs Edwards) (3)
S40 A Christmas Carol KS3
S41 Guys and Dolls Royal Exchange Theatre Trip Letter (GCSE)
S42 DVD Letter A Midsummer Night’s Dream
S43 Blood Brothers Theatre Trip Y10 GCSE
S48 Shuttle Bus Letter
S49 GCSE Science Revision Guides and Workbooks
S51 Christmas in the Park Choir Letter

S25 geography revision book
S20 Food & Nutrition Annual Charge Letter
S21 Curriculum Enrichment Mam Tor Y7
S23 English Extra-Curricular Study – Y10 &11 CE Day
S24 Y8 & 9 CE Day Salford Quays
S05 KS3 Football Club Letter
S06 KS4 Football Club Letter



BAG 2 SCHOOL poster
Bingo Fish and Chips New Site
S94 Language Enrichment Event[5495]
J22 Sun Safety Letter
S91 Y11 Leavers Guide to Exam period
S89 English Revision Session
S90 Year 10 Examinations

S87 Fee Increase Letter and Fees

S92 Year 7 Parents Evening Letter
S82 Agenda London Trip
S83 French 2nd Installment and health Letter
S84 Year 9 Parents Evening Letter
S86 Spring Concert Ticket request
S69 PE Exam Moderation
S70 Year 8 Parents Evening Letter
S74 Theatre Trip Letter
S77 Year 7 Examination Week
School Travel Plan Parent Questionnaire
Vaccinations Letter to parents for welcome pack.[2494]
S58 Year 11 Leavers Prom[2484]
Hoodie Flyer 2017[2483]
Hulme Hall Pre-Assembly Letter
Sign up for NCS The Challenge!
S29 Y9 English Letter
S33 Non Uniform Day – Children In Need
S34 Y9 Immunisations Letter
S39 Geography Revision Guide Letter
S40 Cinderella Trip Letter
S26 Y10 Curriculum Enrichment Day Letter
S25 Y11 Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance
S24 English Mock Exam Information

My ISA handbook – answers
S20 Curriculum Enrichment Day Outdoor Ed Company KS3
S19 Science CA Letter (Third Attempt)
S17 English Set Text Study Guides
J09 Holiday club letter October 2016
Extra Curricular Activities
S12 Open morning Preparations 2016 (RA)
S16 GCSE PE Practical Work CA Letter
S03 Uniform Update (September 2016)
S114 Blackpool Trip 2016 Letter to Parents (AS)
S113 Cricket Letter
S112 Tennis Letter
S111 Ski Trip Initial Invitation Letter (April 2016)
S110 Revision Guides French Spanish
S109 Y11 Leavers Guide to Exam periods
S108 Year 7 Parents Evening Letter
S107 2nd and final HPV Vacination
S106 Year 8 Examination Week
S105 Y10 French Controlled Speaking Test
S104 Y11 French Controlled Writing Test
S103 Y11 French Controlled Speaking Test
S102 End of Spring Term Letter
S101 Year 9 Parents Evening Letter
S100 PE Exam moderation
S98 Football parents letter
S96 Agenda London Trip
S95 Spanish Controlled Speaking Test Y10
S93 English Letter
S91 Spring Concert Ticket Request
S89 School Photograph Letter
S88 Barcelona Trip Meeting Letter
S87 London Reward Trip Balance Request
S86 Spanish Controlled Speaking Test Y11
S85 Y7, 8, 9 Curriculum Enrichment Day Letter
S84 Year 8 Parents Evening Letter
S83 Barcelona Trip Health Letter, Valuables Dec, etc
S81 Year 10 Science CA Letter March 2016
S80 Dance Club Letter
S79 Year 10 Parents Evening Letter
S78 Geography Castleton Letter
Year 10 Science CA Letter March 2016
S75 Curriculum Careers Evening
S74 Y9 Curriculum & Careers Eve Letter Jan 16
S73 Badminton Smash Up Split Group Letter Y8 & 9
S72 Badminton Smash Up Split Group Letter Y7
PTA KS3 Valentine’s Disco Letter
S76 Rock Band Practice Letter
S71 London Trip – Music
S70 French Controlled Writing Test 10Y & X
S69 French Controlled Writing Test 11X & W
S68 Badminton Smash Up Letter
S67 Year 11 Maths Extra Revision Group
S77 GCSE Science Revision Guides and Workbooks
PTA Newsletter Jan 16
S66 Year 11 Leavers Prom
S65 Y11 Parents Evening Letter
S64 Bridgewater Hall Halle
S63 ISA XC 2015
S62 Year 11 Arrangements (Email Version)
S61 Open Morning Guides Jan 2016
S59 Open morning Preparations Jan 2016 RA
S58 Y10 English Set changes letter
S56 Science Extra Curricular Sessions
S55 End of Autumn Term Newsletter
S54 Y11 Booster Vaccines
S53 Christmas Celebration and Mini Festive Fair
S52 Dunham Do The Double
S51 GCSE PE Assessment
S48 Spanish Controlled Writing Test Y11
S47 Christmas Celebration
S44 Senior Pupil Christmas Reward Trip
S41 School Lunch Pass Reminder
S35 Sports Leader Award Level 1
S43 Spanish Trip
S42 Christmas Lunch
PTA AGM 2015 Meeting Nov 2015
S34 Third Spanish Trip Letter
S33 Science CA Letter
S32 Exam letter – Mrs Edwards
S30 Presentation Evening – R Allen
S29 Parents Evening New Pupils
S28 Presentation Evening Y11 Leavers – J Smith
S26 English Letter Year 10
S24 Y9 Booster Vaccines
S23 Curriculum Enrichment Mam Tor Year 7
S22 Spanish Trip Letter
S21 Geography Revision Guides
S20 Curriculum Enrichment Day – First Aid At Work
S19 Curriculum Enrichment Day Year 8 and 9
S17 ICT CA Deadlines Letter
S15 Open Morning Guides 2015
S12 Open Morning Preparations 2015
S11 Science Controlled Assessment
S10 Welcome Back
S09 History Trip Letter
S08 Music Lessons Starter Packs
S07 Cheerleading Letter
S06 Revision Guides French Spanish
S05 Badminton Smash Up Letter
S03 Uniform Update