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About Us

Hulme Hall Grammar School Ethos

The educational opportunities provided by the school are well established. Often, applicants approach the school on recommendation and are quick to recognise our unique programme of learning: catering for varieties in ability and personality is an established practice. Likewise, ensuring the pupils are taught in small classes, at the right pace, in an orderly, constructive atmosphere is a key aspect of school life. Your child can expect to be taught in a stimulating environment by highly dedicated, experienced subject specialists. The school believes that, regardless of age, every child matters and they should be treated as an individual: educating the whole person is what counts.

Academic success continues to be celebrated, just as physical talent, musical creativity and moral development are also valued. Pupils leave the school well equipped to deal with the trials and tribulations of modern living. Moreover, they have a sense of humanity and social responsibility.

Hulme Hall is a non-denominational school; its principle objective is to bring together children from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds: tolerance and respect for others are the building blocks of a caring community. This approach is extended to include the school/home partnership.

Pupils leaving our school are fully rounded individuals who can look forward to a life of personal and professional fulfilment.